Blue Flower

Welcome Everyone

Thank you for visiting my site.

It's dedicated to all my clients, past and present, who I've trained and coached for Figure competitions and general weight-loss and health. I'm so grateful to have met and shared your positive journeys. Being a trainer, mentor, coach, or just someone to help guide you along, has been my DREAM JOB. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Please check out my BLOG. I will be posting my training and nutrition tips, pictures, and results from my current clientele. Hopefully it will be a place we share our fitness endeavors together, and keep in touch!

Also check my services page. I offer online and in-home training, nutritional advice and competition prep!

Being a mother of two, in her 40's, doesn't always lend itself to a fit lifestyle. Competing at least once every year over the last 10 years has helped, but finding a balance in life is something I'm always searching out. Investigating whole, fresh, and mostly organic foods has become my second job! Food is natures DRUG; It can create a healthy, rocking physique, or leave you feeling lethargic and sick!

Please look around and email me any questions. Make it your motto to never quit – never give up.

You are in control of your body!